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Intellibroad Inc.

Intellibroad is a locally-focused IT company dedicated to serving our clients. We specialize in providing security surveillance solutions and IT support services for both businesses and homes. Our mission is to explore the practical applications of new technologies and products in society, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of innovation.


Security Cameras for commercial and residential customers

We are committed to offering cutting-edge technologies and products, such as multi-sensor panoramic cameras, ePoE for 800m power and data transmission over Ethernet cable, AI Codec to improve encoding efficiency and save bandwidth, and accurate, precise, and reliable deep learning algorithms. Multiple product levels are available to fulfill various demands. Our network cameras can be widely used in a variety of scenarios. 


Digital Signages for Indoor and Outdoor

With superior image quality and exceptional durability, our digital signage displays take the traditional viewing experience to the next level, revolutionizing the way you do business.
With ultra-high brightness, it delivers content clearly and draws the public's attention, making it the most suitable display for marketing in commercial spaces.

smartlock outdoor.png

Smart lock and Access control

Revamp your security system by ditching traditional keys. A Smart Lock offers a secure, hassle-free, and effortless solution for managing access to your home. Not only does it provide convenient unlocking and locking of your door, but it also keeps track of individuals entering and exiting your house even when you're away. With a simple tap on your phone, you can effortlessly control the opening and closing of doors or grant special access privileges to friends, family, or staff. For instance, if you're operating an Airbnb within your premises, a smart lock will enhance convenience and security for both you and your guests.


Computer  Hardware for office

As an authorized Lenovo reseller, we sell and service desktop computers, laptops, and related accessories.


UAV for industrial application

We provide comprehensive drone solutions for clients across various industries. Drones have a wide range of applications, and we can customize different types of drones based on our clients' needs, along with providing corresponding payloads and services.

Our drone payloads include high-definition cameras, thermal imaging cameras, multispectral sensors, and more. These payloads can be used in aerial photography, geospatial mapping, agricultural monitoring, environmental monitoring, and other fields. Our team consists of experienced pilots and technical experts who can provide professional flight operations and data processing services.


LAN and Desktop IT services for offices

IT services for LAN, Destkop, Laptop and printer.

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