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Solution Background

A city generally consist of different ethnic minorities, it has complex system for housing, transportation, sanitation, utilities, land use and communication. Due to that, the criminals, traffic congestion, critical infrastructure damage, etc. might occur in the city. In this situation, government needs an advanced city surveillance system to ensure public security and make cities more intelligent.

Uniview is a pioneer and leader of IP video surveillance and video surveillance solution in global public security industry. With professional, reliable and cutting-edge products and rich experience in city surveillance industry, Uniview offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution to face the challenges from city security.

solution building

Challenge and Solution 


  • Unreasonable camera deployment

  • Lags in response to active alarms

  • Inefficient manual inspection and system maintenance

  • Cyber security and data safety

  • Poor system expansibility


  • Abundant types of cameras to adapt for different designs

  • Various VMS functions to locate emergency quickly

  • Unique system networking, more reliable and efficient

  • Highly reliable IP storage and secured system architecture for data safety

  • Advanced NGN architecture, easy to expand

Solution and Product 


Successful Case


Troyes in France


Kampala, Uganda


South Korea

Residential Area


Residential area is the living place with high flow of people, which requires high level of security protection. To detect emergency in no time and record evidence from the beginning to the end, residential area need to deploy HD cameras which deliver clear image quality for 24/7.

Super Starlight

  • F1.2 aperture lens and Sony STARVIS image sensor

  • Produce colorful video images under ultra-low light conditions (0.0005Lux) without losing detail

Super Starlight


Common Starlight



Square, as a large and open area, square used to need a lot of cameras to cover the whole area in traditional ways. Now, Uniview provides new type of IP camera which is suitable for square. With cost-effective and higher efficiency, Uniview is capable to achieve no-blind video surveillance.

Panoramic View

  • 8MP (4*2MP) multi-sensor IP camera

  • 180 degree panoramic view

4K Ultra HD

  • 4K series product with U-code technology

  • Ultra-high resolution with U-code to save bandwidth and storage


Panoramic View


Public Transit Hubs


Public transit hubs are vulnerable to terrorist attack due to the fact that there are a high volume of people in metro station, bus station, airports and other transit hubs. Hence, video surveillance system is critical in these hubs.

Pixel Sense

  • Smart DSP, more accurate to trigger IR cut than photo resistance

  • Detect the illumination of real surveillance scene

  • Save extra cost of hardware failure, water and dust proof design

Pixel Sense.jpg
solution-public transit

Critical Infrastructures

There is a number of Critical Infrastructures in a city, such as power plant, high voltage converting station, waterworks, etc. To protect these important places from illegal intrusion, various kinds of security systems should be deployed at perimeter.

Alarm Linkage

  • Integrated with 3rd party alarm devices

  • PTZ dome camera will turn to the preset position when an alarm is triggered by 3rd party alarm devices

1+1 Fiber Sharing

  • UNV network cameras support abundant network interfaces – optical fiber port, RJ45 port

  • Remote camera access by optical fiber port

  • Support 1+1 fiber sharing mode which saves cable


Trunk Road

Trunk road is an essential part of city, there are high volumes of vehicle. UNV cameras enable police officers to improve management level on road traffic.


  • UNV network cameras support strong light suppression which can produce clear license plate image

  • Even if the object is in front of the vehicle at night, it would not be blocked by strong light






  • UNV camera monitors both static and moving objects clearly with StarView technology

  • Low-blur mode can greatly reduce image blur, especially in evening

Common Camera


Low-blur Camera



Cameras which can monitor a long distance are helpful for police officers in city surveillance. Deploying a high-definition and high ratio optical zoom PTZ dome cameras at a high-altitude spot can overlook the overall situation and find the abnormal event.

High Ratio Optical Zoom

  • Long monitoring distance, designed for high-altitude spot in city

  • Up to 55X optical zoom, 300mm+ motorized lens


Optical Defog

  • Optical defog supported

  • Clear image in foggy weather

No Defog


Optical Defog


Command Center


plays an important role in the whole city surveillance system so it requires a comprehensive and unified VMS and reliable IP storage system. All applications would be eventually displayed on a TV wall.

Reliable & Low-TCO System

NGN Architecture

  • Media streaming and signaling are processed separately. Video management server only handle signaling. The server’s failure will not influence the video storage and live view.

  • In traditional architecture, video recording would be lost when recording server stops running. This defect was overcome in UNV’s NGN architecture where network camera sends the stream to IP SAN directly based on iSCSI standard storage protocol. It significantly decreases the investment because there is no media server and recording server in NGN architecture.

Tranditional Architecture

VMS 1+1 Hot Spare

  • UNV VMS supports 1+1 hot spare function. If the Master VMS breaks down, the Standby VMS will take over the service immediately. All service and data will be transferred back to Master VMS when it recovers from failure.

NGN Architecture

High-Reliable IP Storage

  • Different kinds of carrier-class hardware designs ensure the high reliability and ability to work 7/24.

Fully Redundant Modular Design


Anti-Dust & Sulfide Alarm Design


Anti-Vibration HDD Module



  • UNV cameras can automatically store video recordings into camera’s SD card when network is disconnected. Once the network is restored, the video recordings will be sent back to storage server. Thus, all of video recordings would be saved even network fails temporarily.


IP Storage N+1

  • UNV IP SAN supports N+1 hot backup. If any active IP SAN fails, the standby IP SAN will automatically take over the service.


Cost-Effective Design

  • UNV IP storage adopts unique structure which allows 60 bays at a height of 4U with front panel hot swappable. Hence, UNV solution can save more than 60% rack space and much more power consumption under the same condition.


Abundant VMS Functions

Complete CCTV Functions

  • UNV VMS is a reliable and easy-to-use management platform. Live view/playback, TV wall management, and user role management are all available on VMS client.


Permission Management

  • In order to meet the requirement of different camera access for different departments and users, UNV VMS can build up a credential system for every account. Administrator can divide different authority levels for every department and every user through credential system. Furthermore, administrator can also log out lower-level users to save resources if needed. In addition, administrator is able to lock users, set valid date and daily valid time through remote operation.


Watermark for Data Safety

  • Video recordings can be watermarked with customized content to prevent video recordings from unauthorized editing, which ensures creditable video record.


Quick Location of Emergency

Intuitive LED Display

  • UNV LED TV wall can be customized to any size and have a seamless and wide angle view in command center. With low maintenance cost and low space occupation, UNV LED TV wall is designed and manufactured at a highest standard to satisfy 24/7 constant working requirement and provide good customer experience.


Friendly User Interface

  • UNV VMS is an easy-to-use management platform designed for CCTV system. Its flexible and feature-rich interface helps security guards easier and more efficiently verify alarms and coordinate a response.


Digital Zoom

  • UNV cameras support digital zoom function, and it is ideal for large areas where needs high definition cameras such as parking lots and airplane runway. Cameras can provide more details with digital zoom functions.


Video Track

  • When the object is captured by multiple cameras, multiple windows can be displayed on one screen once video track function is activated. Click one of the cameras in the GIS map, the live views of both that camera and cameras nearby are displayed, helping to locate the moving object.

Video Frame Extraction

  • Video can be divided into several parts with the same interval, the first frame of each part would be displayed automatically on the screen, forming a group of pictures to help security guards locate the object quickly.



  • VMS client supports flashing alarms on GIS map and links live view on a video wall. It enables security guards to faster locate alarming area, which significantly shortens their reaction time.

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