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Shopping Mall

Solution Background

A shopping mall has one or more buildings form a complex of shops representing merchandisers with interconnecting walkways. In recent years, more and more large-scale shopping malls have been built all over the world. In shopping centers, there are complex conditions and different people, video surveillance is responsible for pre-emptive prevention, emergency handling, and post-examination. A complete video surveillance system can help people solve most security problems and reduce investment in human security.

Uniview has been dedicating to surveillance industry for years, and UNV shopping mall video surveillance solutions have been delivered to lots of famous shopping mall. From those projects we have summarized some useful experience and knowledge. Therefor we can better protect the property of customers and businesses in shopping centers.

Challenge and Solution 


  • Shoplifting, robbery, transaction disputes

  • Need to quickly locate & inspect emergency

  • Unbalanced security staff arrangement and poorly system maintenance

  • High cost of data center and labor


  • Full-time HD monitoring without blind spot secures shopping environments

  • Easy-to-use & Integrated VMS

  • Advanced NGN architecture for easy maintenance

  • High reliability and cost-effective design for IP storage device


Solution Overview 

Solution and Product 

Spar Chain Supermarket, Zimbabwe

Troyes in France

Kampala, Uganda

South Korea


Entrances & EXITS


Plenty of people get in and out of shopping malls every day. Therefore, clear monitoring of these people at entrances, exits is a top priority for video surveillance systems. UNV product provide full-time protection for customers and staffs.

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)

  • Sony STARVIS sensor with UNV self-developed ISP processing technology

  • Deliver clear and visible images in high-contrast lighting scenes





Shopping Area


The shopping area is the central area of shopping mall. The video surveillance solutions should not only monitor overall environment but also the details of every shelf. It helps to reflect the crowd change and detect the abnormal incident.

Corridor Mode

  • Effectively reduce invalid monitoring regions

  • More details in the corridor monitoring area

shopmall-shopping area

Cashier Desk


Cashier desk is the area where most disputes take place. It is significant to provide all time HD video surveillance and corresponding integration functions such as POS for later event investigations.

POS Integration

  • Video images and corresponding POS information can be combined with the integration of POS devices and NVR

  • POS information can be recorded and displayed on the corresponding video footage


Parking Lot


UNV cameras are able to configure preset positions and design an automatic guard patrol route. It effectively monitors large parking lots, provide full-time protection for vehicles and property of customers.

HLC High Light Compensation

  • UNV IPC supports strong light suppression

  • The video information from strong light part is processed by DSP

  • Be able to see license plate image and object in front of the vehicle clearly






  • With StarView technology, static and moving objects can be clearly monitored

  • Low-blur mode supports decrease in smearing effect, especially in the evening

Common camera


Low-blur camera




Warehouse is a critical area where stores valuable merchandise. It needs to strictly control the access. UNV retail surveillance solution plays a vital role on goods protection and personnel access management in warehouse.

PIR Alarm

  • With PIR function integrated inside, UNV cameras are suitable to monitor important areas at night

  • Built-in white light, capture colored image when strangers intruding


Super Starlight

F1.2 aperture lens and Sony STARVIS image sensor
Produce colorful video images under ultra-low light conditions (0.0005Lux) without losing details

Super Starlight


Common Starlight


Smart IR

  • Smart IR function can balance the luminance level between distant and nearby objects

  • Provide consistent clear image of moving objects under low light scenes

Smart IR ON


Smart IR OFF


Management Center


Management center is the place for security managers and security guards to check live view and playback through video walls, PC workstations and other display devices. Based on the real-time view of the front camera, it verifies the alarm and dispatches the guard to the scene of the accident.

Reliable & Low-TCO System

NGN Architecture

  • Media streaming and signaling are processed separately. Video management server only handle signaling. The server’s failure will not influence the video storage and live view.

  • In traditional architecture, video recording would be lost when recording server stops running. This issue will be overcome in UNV’s NGN architecture where network camera sends the stream to IP SAN directly based on iSCSI standard storage protocol. It significantly decreases the investment because there is no media server and recording server in NGN architecture.

Tranditional Architecture

NGN Architecture


VMS 1+1 Hot Spare

  • UNV VMS supports 1+1 hot spare function. If the Master VMS breaks down, the Standby VMS will take over the service immediately. All service and data will be transferred back to Master VMS when it recovers from failure.


High-Reliable IP Storage

  • Different types of carrier-class hardware designs ensure high reliability and 7/24 operating capabilities.

Fully Redundant Modular Design

Anti-Dust & Sulfide Alarm Design

Anti-Vibration HDD Module



  • UNV cameras can automatically store video recordings into camera’s SD card when network is disconnected. Once the network is restored, the video recordings will be sent back to the storage server. Thus, all of video recordings would be saved even network fails temporarily.


IP Storage N+1

  • UNV IP SAN supports N+1 hot backup. If any active IP SAN fails, the standby IP SAN will automatically take over the service.

Cost-Effective Design

  • UNV IP storage adopts unique structure allowing 60 bays at a height of 4U with front panel hot swappable. Hence, UNV solution can save more than 60% rack space and much more power consumption under the same condition.


Abundant VMS Functions

Complete CCTV Functions

  • UNV VMS is a reliable and easy-to-use management platform. Live view/playback, TV wall management, and user role management are all available on VMS client.


Remote Application

  • Security guards are able to check live view, playback and alarm notifications anytime and anywhere through UNV’s APP EZView. It helps to work easier with higher efficiency.


Video Patrol

  • Security guards can patrol university with a group of cameras that can be configured in advance. The live view of this group of cameras will switch one by one after operators click the check button.


Watermark for Data Safety

  • Video recordings can be watermarked with customized content to prevent video recordings from unauthorized editing, which ensures creditable video record.


Quick Location of Accident


  • LED TV walls can be extended to any size, and have a seamless and wide angle view in the management center. With low maintenance cost and low space occupation, the UNV LED TV wall is designed and manufactured to the highest standards to meet constant work requirements of 24/7 and provide efficient video surveillance experience.


Friendly User Interface

  • UNV VMS is an easy-to-use management platform designed for CCTV system. Its flexible and feature-rich interface helps security guards easier and more efficiently verify alarms and coordinate a response.


Instant Playback

  • In order to playback a certain camera’s record quickly, one-click playback function is available on UNV VMS. Security guards can playback the last 5 minutes’ record instantly with only one button


Video Track

  • When the object is captured by multiple cameras, multiple windows can be displayed on one screen once video track function is activated. Click one of the cameras in the E-map, the live views of both that camera and cameras nearby are displayed, helping to locate the moving object.


Video Frame Extraction

  • Video can be divided into several parts with the same interval, the first frame of each part would be displayed automatically on the screen, forming a group of pictures to help security guards locate the object quickly.



  • VMS client supports flashing alarms on E-maps and links live view on a video wall. It enables security guards to faster locate alarming area, which significantly shortens their reaction time.


Not Only VMS

  • Uniview provides a comprehensive security platform which can integrate with other security subsystems such as access control system, alarm system, etc. And UNV management platform also provides interface for other systems to obtain live view, records and other functions through SDK.

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